Who we are

At Bitbreaks, we think that music creation should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we’re helping people without music playing abilities to produce musical arrangements quickly and easily using our software.

Above all, we’re experience builders. Through music and technology, we believe that we can provide our users with engaging and rewarding experiences as they develop their own creative abilities.

Our founder

Our founder, Faheem Zaman, is passionate about music above all else. He started playing the piano at four years old and later added the guitar. He’s been gigging since the age of 16 and occasionally performs with other musicians in London.

Faheem has been working with digital music since the Atari ST era and has been building and modifying electric guitars and effects pedals since his teens.

Faheem began exploring the internet in its infancy and quickly developed skills in coding and hacking. He has a keen interest in VR and has developed experiences for the Oculus Rift.

Before founding Bitbreaks, Faheem practised as a corporate and commercial lawyer. Specialising in work for the technology sector, his clients have included Samsung and Qualcomm.


We’re based in the bright and airy Launch22 startup incubator near London’s lively King’s Cross. We provide our people with the working environment and flexibility to foster the best in innovation and creativity.


At Bitbreaks everyone is encouraged to share ideas, as well as skills and knowledge. We encourage all our people to interact with our users and collaborate with other startups in London and further afield.